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Stepsis has been becoming more and more sexually aware lately. She was too scared to experiment with a stud, so she has embarked slow and just been caressing her gash on her pillows and rammed beasts.

One day when she was indeed getting into it, her stepbro ambled in on her! She thought he was perving out until she realized he was unconscious.

Then she remembered her stepmom told her of his sleepwalking problem. She threw him on her couch and determined that he would be just as fine as a cushion, only a tiny bit more advanced ;).

Charity railed and gargled her very first ever real stud pink cigar, and fellow was it much better than a ditzy cushion! If only stepbro was a little more into it and not so fatigued.

Damn was that superb, and even stepbro liked it in his dream state, making this the most moistest dream he has had all year!

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