Brother sister incest stories download

This tattooed blondie is a very very hot one – hot enough to make even her own brother crave to get into her little panties and check out what she’s got there! This time he finally makes his dream come true – watch him bang the seductress in kitchen! Brother sister incest stories download here!

Brother sister incest stories download


  • I never fucked my brother, but I did make out with him once. Holy cow that was hot!

    I hadn’t seen him in awhile and we were just going out to eat one night, just to hang out,=. I was wearing a belly shirt and yes I do have a slight muffin top even though I wear pants that fit me.

    Well we were walking arms around each other for a little bit. No biggie, a lot of sibs do that if they haven’t seen each other in awhile. I noticed he began rubbing my belly even though he may not have noticed it.

    I questioned him about it and he became embarrased. i told him “I didn’t say stop!” At that point he lifetd my shirt a little more to expose a bit more of my tummy and was still stroking me. I put my arms around his neck, looked him in the eyes, and then kissed him on the lips. Then I plunged my tongue into his! This was in public BTW and we do look alike.

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