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Lil’ Jade has been examining to be a magician! She decides to go show her stepbro what shes learned. She commences him off with the entire pick a card any card routine.

He picks, remembers, puts it back and closes his eyes until Jade says open. Not only does she pull his card, but she pulled all her clothes off too!

Thats enough to knock stepbro for a few dollars until tomorrow. The next day, jade has a new trick up her sleeve.

She barges into stepbros room while he was masturbating off. She told him to close his eyes, and before you know it, WOWZERS!

She made his sausage emerge into his hatch, then he made cum emerge all over her face. Isnt that special. Jade was kicking off to get over magic, but not before one final trick.

She was frolicking with her caboose crevice on the bed, and told brutha to take a close glance.

After that, he closed his eyes and she made a ginormous fake penis appear into it. Now it was up to stepbro to witness if his man rod would fit.

It was actually magic how that ginormous juicy pipe was able to fit in there, or maybe just some additional widely opened by jade.

Her stepbro rocked that rosy pucker with his magic electro-hitachi and even made it drop out some man gravy on her stomach too.

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