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Alexis was getting well-prepped to spark up that good fine, until her stepbrother came and ruined everything.

She prayed him not to tell mommy, and he prayed her to think twice about what she puts in her hatch.

After a few seconds, she caught is drift, deepthroated him off, and they made sure this lil’ indiscretion was staying between them.

The next day, Alexis somehow got stuck in inbetween the windowsill. Fortunately her stepbro was home, but too bad in order to get her out he had to stick it in.

Sure enough rocking that taut cunny set her free! See stepbro isnt so dumb after all. Actually, we take that back.

He kept dreaming about his sisters step snatch and decided to go in her room and caress her panties on his manhood. This fool got caught, plus Alexis took a picture of his sorry rump.

Stressed about his reputation, stepbro said he would do anything if she deleted it. Well, supreme thing Alexis was in the market for a good honeypot eating session.

Stepbro ate out her out until she came, then he was coerced to leave. With his tail inbetween his gams and an odd perceiving of gratification in his head.

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