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Erikas mommy has always encouraged her to stay away from her stepbrother Peter. Hes bad news!

It seems Erika cant help but linger interested tho’. She went up to Peter one day and said that she was done listening to her mother, but Peter insisted Erika was still scared of her.

Erika determined to prove him wrong by lashing out his meaty cock and sucking him right off on his couch. If that doesnt showcase mommy shes a badass, then nothing will.

Just as Peter truly got to inserting Erikas tight tiny puss, you wouldnt believe it but their mommy knocked on the door. They promptly scrambled into the wc while she snooped around peters room.

They continued to smash while she snooped, and got even more into it after she left.

Erika officially knew she was free from her mothers grabs as the first-ever glob of Peters glue groped her precious face.

You gotta get taller up someday!

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